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Steel Grit Selection:

GP steel grit : External form is round and shaped with steel water, owns fine elasticity and the strength of fatigue resistance as a result of fine heat treatment, applied in all aspects, special hardness steel shot applied in strengthening treatment.

GL steel grit : Although harder than GP steel grit, GL also loses its sharp edges during shot blasting and is particularly suited to descaling and surface preparation applications.

GH steel grit : Having maximum hardness, GH always remains angular in its operating mix. These abrasives are particularly effective in surface treatment processes and produce a uniform, etched finish, GH angular grit should only be used in wheel machines where working requirements take precedence over cost price considerations .For use mainly with compressed air blasting equipment.


GP steel grit

GL steel grit

GH steel grit


0.85-1.20 %


0.60-1.20 %


0.50-1.20 %


≤0.05 %


≤0.05 %





External firm

Spheroid, semi-spheroid and flat granules <10%


Homogeneous tempered martensite and baintite




Products Offered:

Abrasives, metal abrasives, steel abrasives, blasting medias, steel grit, steel shot.

1) Steel shot: SAE S930, S780, S660, S550, S460, S390, S330, S280, S230, S170, S110, S70.

2) Steel grit: SAE G10, G12, G14, G16, G18, G20, G25, G40, G50, G80, G120.

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